Men’s Health

TOP most common male diseases

The most common male disease is prostatitis. Disease symptoms entirely depend on age, it manifests in different ways. At a younger age, men are more likely to experience bacterial and infectious prostatitis. Men over 40 meet non-bacterial prostatitis, also known as cognitive or congestive.

Recently, candidosis has become an urgent problem. Many believe that exclusively females suffer this disease. But, in fact, this infection is common among men. It is rather difficult to cure this ailment completely. It occurs often due to improper nutrition. People for the last 10-15 years have consumed a lot of carbohydrates and keep a sedentary lifestyle. It results in not only overweight but it also disrupts the intestines, which subsequently affects the damage to the mucous membranes and skin.

Sometimes this problem is successfully solved by a gastroenterologist and nutritionist. This disease can reappear even in the case of improper treatment. Moreover, with age, concomitant diseases join, such as diabetes mellitus.

If candidosis is not treated, it can result in severe consequences. Therefore, if the first symptoms like itching, redness appear, it is better to consult a urologist. More often men prefer self-medication which results in the formation of phimosis. This disease is characterized by the scars on the foreskin. Such an advanced stage leads to surgical's healthOften men address a urologist with sexual disorders:

  • erectile dysfunction;
  • premature ejaculation.

Can problems with potency disappear without treatment?

If this problem appeared once and did not return within a year, it can be considered as accidental. But if it takes place repeatedly, at different stages, then better to consult a specialist. Men of any age should pay attention to men’s health. There is no concept of “limiting male sexual activity.” The World Health Organization claims that the more sexually active a man is, the better his psychical, emotional state, working capacity, and family relationship.

How to maintain potency as long as possible?

Unfortunately, medicine does not play a major role in this concept. It depends on many factors like:

  • 20% – genetics;
  • 20% – ecology;
  • 50% – lifestyle;
  • only 10% – medicine.

To maintain potency, you need to keep a healthy lifestyle in combination with physical loadings. It will contribute to the prevention of cardiovascular pathologies. It also helps to produce testosterone in a natural way.

Factors affecting potency

Alcohol beverages

Many men drink alcohol to feel relaxed and increase sexual desire. It is best to give up alcohol before a date. Otherwise, there is a chance of falling asleep before reaching the most pleasant moment. In case you start sexual intercourse, you can fail due to poor erection.

If you really want to drink a strong drink during a date, invite the girl to drink a glass of champagne. This sparkling drink is considered the most suitable and exciting. However, its action does not last long, so you need to choose the right moment.


Smoking causes terrible harm to the whole body. However, smoking is also considered the main factor in men’s health problems. According to statistics, 90% of men who have problems with erection are smokers. Tobacco provokes spasms of blood vessels throughout the body, including the penis. If this happens, an erection will not occur. Therefore, before a date, it is better not to smoke.


Coffee affects the body as well as cigarettes: the vessels begin to narrow, preventing the erection onset. A particularly deteriorating combination is coffee + cigarettes. Such a combination is incompatible with good sex.

Heavy food

Food with a high-rate of fats and trans fats contributes to cholesterol increase, which also enters the blood vessels. Fatty foods cause metabolic problems, ischemic diseases, erectile dysfunction. Instead of fatty foods, it is best to eat fresh vegetables and fruits, chili peppers, greens, nuts, seafood, red fish. Such products contain vitamins and minerals that will keep the vessels in good condition and promote sexual excitement.


Many drugs have a bad effect on libido. Most often, these are remedies for pressure, peptic ulcers, sedatives. If a doctor prescribes a medicine, you can ask him to choose an alternative drug without an effect that suppresses potency. If the schedule for taking the medicine allows, do not take it before a date. In an extreme case, you can reschedule a date by organizing it after the drug is discontinued. Taking medications to increase an erection is necessary only according to the instructions given by a physician. Uncontrolled intake of such drugs can result in a fatal case.

Anabolic drugs

Anabolics are harmful to the body as a whole. Especially, they badly affect sexual desire. When there accumulated a high rate in the body, the body “thinks” it has an excess of testosterone. As a result, it begins to produce an important male hormone “testosterone” in smaller quantities. In addition, the testes become smaller.


Long-lasting stresses and experiences stimulate the production of cortisol (stress hormone) in the body. This leads to weight gain and suppression of erection. Therefore, many people who often experience stress suffer not only from obesity but also from problems with sexual excitement. Therefore, it is important to first get rid of stress, for example, with the help of psychologists or various relaxation techniques, and then to improve sexual life.