Is Erectile Dysfunction Psychological?

Psychological erectile dysfunction develops as a result of psychological trauma. Its cause can be hidden in early childhood, a recent incident, a teenage problem. Growing up, the guy forgets or cannot understand what caused ED. Often he is inclined to deny the problem since a medical examination shows that there are no physical diseases.

A man deprives himself of a normal sexual life. Refusing therapy, he experiences dissatisfaction, loses confidence. The lack of intimacy makes him irritable, nervous and causes frequent aggression attacks. A man avoids relationships. For a man who is married, unsatisfactory sexual life becomes an additional stress factor. Realizing the inability to satisfy a wife, the man is afraid to lose her. The intense emotional state provokes quarrels, mistrust. Often this problem causes a divorce.Erectile Dysfunction Psychological

Symptoms of psychological ED

Symptoms are manifested by various sexual function violations:

  • premature ejaculation;
  • decreased sensitivity;
  • a weakening sensation of orgasm;
  • a complete lack of pleasure;
  • oppressed libido;
  • fear of sexual intercourse;
  • a complete lack of sex drive.

The problem appears unexpectedly. The intensity of symptoms increases gradually. A man retains a physical ability for an erection, but immediately before intercourse, he has difficulties. It is easy to distinguish psychological erectile dysfunction from physiological pathology. The presence of a psychological block does not affect a natural spontaneous erection. With vascular pathology, prostatitis and other diseases, the blood does not flow fast enough, and psychological problems do not affect this process.


Common causes of erectile dysfunction are long-lasting stress, low self-esteem, depression. 3 types of factors are revealed:

individual characteristics. Sexual health is influenced by fears, complexes, failures during the first sexual experience. The intimacy associated with failure causes nervousness, disgust and a complete rejection of further attempts. Sometimes erectile dysfunction manifests itself only when trying to get close to a certain woman.

psychosocial problems. Social factors belong to the environment by which the man is surrounded. The cause of sexual impotence is the unfavorable situation in the family, violation of personal sexual life, Puritan upbringing. Problems with potency arise directly during contact, and even when thinking about possible sexual intercourse with a woman.

neuropsychiatric pathologies. They are based on dissatisfaction, excessive excitement. It is often observed in adult men brought up by strict fathers.

genital disorders. If the source of the problem is childhood trauma, a man cannot cope with it independently. The intervention of an experienced psychotherapist will be required.

Phobias’ effect on sex life

Erectile dysfunction often develops on a background of phobias of a sexual nature. The unsuccessful first contact, which ended with ridicule, rude remarks, makes the guy doubt, afraid of repeating the mistake.

A man with such a phobia suffers from erectile dysfunction for years. Physically, his reproductive system is developed and works in a proper manner, but when a sexual desire arises, an erection disappears. The man tries not to have a relationship at all to avoid psychological discomfort. The attempts to get rid of the problem often fail. A man may never begin a normal sex life without going to the doctor.

Treatment options

Psychologists, sexual health specialists, and psychotherapists are involved in the psychological problems’ treatment. Since problems of an intimate nature concern not only the patient, it is recommended to carry out therapeutic methods together with his partner. This will help to improve confidence. The help and support of a beloved woman encourage fighting complexes.

Methods of overcoming erectile dysfunction may be ineffective. To determine the starting point of treatment, doctors often suggest hypnosis. Exposure to hypnosis is possible only with full confidence in the methods, so a man may require prolonged preliminary therapy.

Drug treatment

Drugs that contribute to the normalization of sexual desire, help only with physiological diseases. Viagra and similar tablets stimulate an erection, not cause sexual desire. The lack of sexual excitement eliminates the drug effect. In order for the pills to start working, you first need to stimulate libido.

Dietary supplements are also aimed at correcting physical pathologies. With psychological ED, various supplements slightly improve the general body condition. They are unable to cure mental disorders. Neurosis, depression, stress are treated with a special group of drugs that are not directly related to sexual function. The doctor selects suitable means that normalize the mental state. But medications only eliminate the symptoms. To completely get rid of the problem, the patient and therapist must become partners who fully trust each other.

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