How Can A Man Improve His Health?

How Can A Man Improve His Health_

Men do not like to go to doctors. Most of them hate analysis. As a result, men usually die earlier than women. And the question arises: can a man take care of his health in any other way besides going to a doctor? Here is some expert advice.

Basic recommendations

To improve your health, you should:

  • reject bad habits;
  • lead an active lifestyle, constantly maintaining an optimal level of physical activity: fitness, jogging, cycling, skiing – this will improve the state of the cardiovascular system;
  • take a daily contrast shower and wipe with a towel (to improve blood circulation,);
  • constantly consume vegetables and fruits rich in fiber (to ensure the good functioning of the digestive system);
  • take care of the skin – avoiding direct rays on it and periodically using moisturizers – this will help to avoid early wrinkles;
  • ensure a peaceful night’s rest for at least six hours daily;
  • drink pure water in an amount of two liters per day;
  • strive for regular sexual activity, as this stimulates the production of testosterone – it is an extremely important health factor for the male body.

Everyone can take these simple tips ensuring active longevity.

Men’s vitamins

To maintain good physical shape, muscle tone, body tightness, elasticity of the skin and joints, men consume a large number of calories. To ensure the necessary biochemical processes, they need special vitamins. You’d better refuse from taking multivitamin preparations. Instead, you should pay attention to certain types of vitamins. This will allow you to maintain the right balance and prevent the purchase of special drugs for potency.

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Essential vitamin list:

  1. The most important male vitamin is D, as it strengthens the immune system, protecting the body from infection by infectious diseases. It also provides calcium absorption and is effective in maintaining male strength;
  2. The complex of B vitamins promotes the absorption of protein and its distribution throughout the body, improves metabolism;
  3. Vitamin A enhances immunity, promotes the regeneration of all types of skin, improves potency, contributing to the production of testosterone, and protects against cancer. This is an indispensable component for male and female health;
  4. Vitamin C strengthens the body. The presence of this vitamin in an aging body is simply necessary because it contributes to the inhibition of the wilting processes – baldness, the consequences of smoking and the consumption of low-quality food;
  5. Vitamin E slows down aging, increases the energy and elasticity of tissues, improves the functioning of the sex glands. With its lack, testosterone is produced in smaller quantities. Pharmaceutical companies promote products containing this vitamin as drugs for potency;
  6. Vitamin N restores the liver, normalizes carbohydrate and fat balance, stimulates recovery after alcohol intoxication.

Men’s foods

A proper diet is very important for slowing down the aging process and improving the health of men. Carefully selected foods stimulate the positive processes in the cardiac activity, normalize the reproductive system and help strengthen muscle tone and bones.

Foods you need to eat:

  1. Meat (especially red) saturates the body with proteins and leucines, which helps muscle growth;
  2. Cherry restores the body after overloads and injuries;
  3. Oysters are needed as a source of zinc;
  4. Fish of fatty varieties restores the need for omega-3 acids, which strengthen the tissues of the heart and blood vessels, which is important for men’s health;
  5. Dairy products are important for muscles and joints;
  6. Ginger is a stimulator of recovery processes after physical overload;
  7. Bananas are a source of potassium that strengthens bones;
  8. Pistachios are rich in protein, fiber and zinc;
  9. Eggs improve blood, supply protein and iron;
  10. Oatmeal is saturated with fiber, necessary for the health of men;
  11. Coffee is a very important product, an antioxidant and an energy source. But men should not abuse it.
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Men’s gymnastics

You can go in for sports in special centers but it’s quite possible to perform exercises at home.

Standard complex:

  1. Within 1 minute, perform high steps to ensure that the hips touch the abdomen. The back is straight, hands below;
  2. Perform squats – 30 times;
  3. “Running along the track” without taking your feet off the floor – 1 minute;
  4. Raising the pelvis while lying on the floor – 1 minute;
  5. 4. Resting your forearms and heels on the floor, lying on your stomach, perform a stance for 1 minute.

Then repeat the whole complex again. Just 10 minutes a day will keep you in good shape, stimulate the processes of maintaining men’s health, prolong life.

The importance of the principles of caring for male health listed in the article is difficult to overestimate. But it’s important that a man understands that his health is in his hands. And you need to start improving health today.

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