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What Drugs are Legal in Canada?

Canada’s drugs are regulated by the Food and Drug Act and the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. Below you can find the groups of drugs that are considered legal in Canada and also a list of drugs that are illegal in this country. Legal drugs in Canada

Prescription Drugs: The United States vs. Canada

Prescription Drugs of Canada Most drugs with a “name” do not differ in action from drugs without a “name”, which are known as generic. The difference in price may lie in the range from 20 to 800%. For example, Valium (sedative drug) costs the US $21.79, the similar drug, Diazepam, costs $7.99. Keflex (bacterial infection […]

How Can A Man Improve His Health?

Men do not like to go to doctors. Most of them hate analysis. As a result, men usually die earlier than women. And the question arises: can a man take care of his health in any other way besides going to a doctor? Here is some expert advice. Basic recommendations To improve your health, you […]

What are the Most Prescribed Medications in 2019?

Today, we will review the top ten most popular prescriptions in the US in 2019 to find out what health conditions bother US citizens more frequently. These drugs are quite affordable and can be ordered in an online pharmacy – however, you should consult a doctor before using them. The Most Popular Medications 2019 Atorvastatin […]

What is Pharmacy Insurance Coverage – C and D Medicare?

Medicare C (Medicare Advantage) includes all benefits and services covered by Parts A and B. Some plans include Medicare prescription drug coverage (Medicare Part D) and other additional benefits and services. Medicare Part C (Medicare advantage insurance plans) If you get Part A and B directly from the government, then you are subscribed to the […]